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Two-year follow-up of the placlitaxel-eluting stent with a non-inflammatory, biocompatible, bio-polymer (P-5). Results of the observational, prospective, multicenter and international REWAC registry (Real World Active stent registry of coronary angioplasty)

IHT (Iberhospitex), SA has developed two placitaxel drug-eluting stents, Active and Active small, based in the platform Apolo 3, to which a coating of paclitaxel has been applied using as a polymeric vechicle the polymer P-5, a new bioactive, biocompatible, biostable, anti-platelet and antiinflammatory polymer system, based on a copolymer of an acrylic derivative of trifusal (a molecule with antiaggregating activity for platelets) (Rodríguez y cols, 2010). Although the efficacy and safety of placitaxel drug-eluting stents have been extensively demonstrated (Stone et al, 2007), the use of new bio-polymers with non-inflammatory, biocompatible and anti-platelet properties requires further evaluation in the routine clinical practice (Ahmed et al, 2011).

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